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Kaldor shortlisted for BMA Technology Provider of the year award

We've been shortlisted for the Technology provider of the year award at this year's British Media Awards. To find out more about the awards and see who we're up against take a look at the shortlist here.

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Stylist app launches on iPad and iPhone, powered by Pugpig

Stylist, Britain’s biggest weekly magazine for smart women, is now available in the app store and it’s 100% free. The app, powered by Pugpig, contains all the news and content that readers love, with added interactive functionality, delivered straight to your iPad or iPhone before the print issue hits the streets.

Get the app here...

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Big Wins for Grazia and Dennis at the PPA Digital Awards

It was celebrations all round at the PPA Digital awards as friends of Pugpig swept the floor, picking up four prizes. Congratulations to Grazia for taking home two awards, including Consumer Innovation of the Year for their Pugpig-powered iPad app. And it was a great night for Dennis’ digital team - winning Development Team of the Year as well as the Consumer Digital Leader of the Year award for Alex Watson.

Get the app...

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Kaldor selected for Real Business 'Top 30 to Watch in Mobile'

Featured alongside a host of impressive UK mobile businesses Kaldor have been named one of the 'Top 30 to Watch in Mobile' by Real Business. From mobile payments and fashion, to a polymer research firm who use bulletproof glass technology to reinforce screens. This list has it all, for more information read the full article here...

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Kaldor Win 'One to Watch - Business' at the AOPs!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us at this Year's Association of Online Publishers (AOP) awards. We're very pleased to have picked up the One to Watch - Business Award. For more information about the awards and AOP award winners 2013 read more here!

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As the printed page resigns itself to becoming the vinyl of the publishing world, the only winners will be publishers that significantly evolve their product to adapt to a new breed of consumers. Check out Campaign's mobile supplement to read more about what our CEO Jonny Kaldor and CTO Jon Marks think about publishing for a digital future.

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Pugpig has been shortlisted for 'Technology Partner' and Kaldor for 'One to Watch- 2013 business'. To find out more about the AOP awards and to view the full shortlist you can read more here

Keep an eye out to see how we get on - results announced 6th June!

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Valtech, the global full service digital consultancy and Kaldor, the team behind the hybrid publishing platform Pugpig, today announced their partnership, to join forces in delivering beautiful, customised content apps across mobile platforms.

Press Release...

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British Media Awards 2013

This award was for the technology that publishers and advertisers use on an everyday basis. The judges were looking for technology products that are easy to use and hard to live without. It was a close race leaving us with a well deserved commendation. Next year we plan in winning it!

Learn more about the British Media Awards here.

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Men's Fitness iPad

On 2nd January 2013, Men’s Fitness, one of Britain’s leading Fitness magazines, announced the launch of its all-new interactive iPad app, powered by Pugpig, offering state-of-the-art interactive features and exclusive content.

To read more..

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The Week Front Covers

"The Pugpig-powered iPad edition for Dennis Publishing title The Week, which describes itself as "an original take on world news as it happens", was named Digital Edition of the Year at the PPA Data & Digital Publishing Awards"

Read on...

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The Spectator Covers

The Spectator have recently launched brand new app for the iPad, powered by Pugpig. They've redesigned the whole app from scratch to provide an easier, clearer and more elegant way to read the magazine digitally.

Read on...

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The ultimate mobile publishing platform

Pugpig is a hybrid publishing platform which combines the power of a native app: customizable, rich, fast, smooth and stable, with the added benefits of HTML: interactivity, readability, accessibility, searchability, personalization and super fast downloads.

Ultimate Publishing

By taking this approach, you can massively reduce your editorial overhead, while delivering beautiful, interactive apps tailored to your readers needs. Keep reading if you want to know more! ->

Why use it? Pugpig offers a host of advantages:


Unique - our app framework is customisable so your app can look and behave exactly how you want it to


Rich - along with search, annotation and text resize, you can add new reader features like personalised content, scrapbooks, bookmarks, shopping and more


Connected - our connector framework allows you to plug directly into your CMS, minimising the impact on your editorial team


Open - you're not constrained by a single authoring environment - create your HTML and templates using any tools you like


Fast and stable - our app container allows you to take advantage of native code for the hard stuff

Well travelled

Well travelled - by using responsive HTML, your content can flow beautifully onto any mobile device


Engaging - by using HTML/JS/CSS your pages can be as beautiful and interactive as your heart desires

Cheap date

Cheap date - once you have Pugpig integrated into your business, you can roll out new apps at a fraction of the cost

Key Features: Pugpig can do a whole bunch of stuff:

  • Support for iOS, Android, Windows 8, BB10 and Web
  • Full HTML, JS, CSS support
  • Multi-orientation support, vertical scrolling, horizontal paning
  • Ultra-smooth scrolling, native navigation
  • Content downloaded and stored on device for offline reading
  • Fully customisable native app containers
  • ePub support
  • Search, annotations
  • Ad integration
  • Social media sharing integration
  • Connectors to your favourite CMS*
  • Option to build your own connectors
  • Server-side HTML templating
  • Multi-edition management
  • Real-time and periodical content updates
  • Online and offline analytics
  • Intelligent download management
  • Apple Newsstand integration
  • Kindle fire integration
  • Google play integration

*Drupal 7, Wordpress, EPiServer, Jahia, Hippo, Umbraco. Sharepoint coming soon

Customer licencing model for Pugpig for magazine publishing

(for enterprise use - not for resale)

Pricing table 1 Pricing table 2

*One licence per app per annum (each platform-specific version of the app is considered a separate app)
So, for example when buying 6 licences, total licence fees payable will be £13,600 per annum (1x£4,000 + 4x£2,000 + 1x£1,600)

For other uses please contact our commercial team on +44(0)207 079 3901 or email pugpig@kaldorgroup.com

If you have any questions concerning pricing, please get in touch ->


If you look inside Puggers, this is what you'll see: A client framework that will form the basis of your app and a set of server components that allow you to integrate your app with your back end systems

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5 easy steps to build your Pugpig app

Design your app and your content

Design your app and your content

Build your first HTML layouts

Build your first HTML layouts

Customise the Pugpig app framework (as much as you like)

Customise the Pugpig app framework (as much as you like)

Plug it in (to your CMS, Subs engine, App store, analytics)

Plug it in (to your CMS, Subs engine, App store, analytics)

Submit it (to Apple, Kindle, Google)

Submit it (to Apple, Kindle, Google)

And you're off

Once you're up and running, the editorial process couldn't be simpler:

Create a new edition and give it a front cover

Create articles

Create articles by selecting a layout and entering your content (or dragging it from your CMS if it's already there)

Create one-off pages

Create one-off pages as you need - you don't always have to use a layout

Build up your flatplan - placing articles where you want in your edition

Add interactive advertising

Add interactive advertising packages and place them in your edition


Preview using our web preview or directly on your devices

Hit publish

When you're ready hit publish and you're done!

And you can add to and update your layouts and app as often as you like

Create new layouts

Create new layouts and pop them into your CMS whenever you need them - No need to update your app and all you need are HTML and design skills

Customise the app

If you want to customise the app - no problem, make your changes and resubmit your app to Apple/Google etc


And if you want help doing any of these things, you can call on us or one of our many Pugpig partners ->


We have a range of resources and information to help you in moving forward and getting started with Pugpig.

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Who uses it?

Here's a selection of some of our favourite pugpig powered apps

  • Stylist
  • The Economist World in 2014
  • EVO
  • First News
  • News Statesman
  • New Scientist
  • News.com.au
  • Reveal
  • Cyclist
  • King's In Touch Magazine
  • Hansard
  • NewsWeek
  • TLS
  • The Human Layer
  • Times Higher Education Magazine
  • The Week
  • The Spectator
  • economia
  • Which?
  • Men's Fitness
  • RSA
  • Auto Express
  • Campaign
  • il manifesto
  • Marketing
  • The Week US
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Stylist Magazine

Stylist, Britain’s biggest weekly magazine for smart women, is now available in the app store and it’s 100% free. The app, powered by Pugpig, contains all the news and content that readers love, with added interactive functionality, delivered straight to your iPad or iPhone before the print issue hits the streets.

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The World in 2014 from The Economist

The World in 2014, the latest in The Economist's annual collection of predictions, identifies and explores the issues that will shape the year ahead. Journalists from The Economist join luminaries from the worlds of politics, business, science and the arts in offering forecasts for 2014.

The app provides free access to a small selection of articles; within the app you can also pay to access the full content of the print edition.

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With exclusive videos, breathtaking photography and entertaining, informative writing, evo puts you behind the wheel of the most exciting performance cars around.

Whatever your automotive passion – Aston Martin or Audi, BMW or Bugatti, Ford or Ferrari, Lamborghini or Lotus, Mercedes or McLaren, Pagani or Porsche – evo has the definitive verdict.

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First News

The award-winning, weekly British newspaper written for children and young people (aged 7-14) can now be downloaded as an app! The digital editions are packed with the latest news and fun facts, all specially made for your iPad.

Every issue of the newspaper features interactive, engaging and educational content, including: UK and international news, Sport reports, Amazing animal stories, All the latest entertainment news, Crazy but true facts, In-depth special reports, Fun puzzles, great competitions and more…

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New Statesman

Now you can experience the New Statesman on the iPad. The New Statesman is Britain's leading and most authoritative weekly political, cultural and current affairs magazine.

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New Scientist

New Scientist is the world’s most-read weekly popular science and technology magazine.

The New Scientist app allows you to read each weekly issue on your device, including in-depth articles, videos and links to references. Download the New Scientist app read sample issues for free, buy individual issues or buy a subscription.

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From breaking news to national interest stories, news.com.au publishes up to 80 times every day, with a dedicated team of journalists and producers backed by the News Corp Australia editorial network.

Get access to the latest news and features from news.com.au, anytime, anywhere in an immersive, visually-led design optimised for iPad.

News.com.au for iPad delivers breaking, national and world news as well as the latest news from finance, sport, entertainment, lifestyle, travel and technology. Plus the latest photos, videos and interactive features.

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Reveal UK

The fab pix and juicy gossip in the Reveal early edition are too big for 3G, for best results connect to wifi to download and enjoy!

Top celebrity mag Reveal’s early edition is on sale every Saturday – exclusively in the App Store for your iPhone or iPad. We are first with the juiciest gossip and pictures, first with the real-life stories that get everyone talking and first with the week’s gorgeous fashion and beauty. How do we do it? Find out with Reveal’s early edition every Saturday.

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Cyclist: The Road Cycling Magazine

Cyclist iPads

Dedicated to road cycling, Cyclist magazine reviews the best road bikes and gear. Dedicated solely to road cycling, Cyclist is the very first magazine of its kind.

You’ll get everything that’s in the print version in an app-friendly format, plus additional images, video content and 360° views of the latest bikes.

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Grazia Devices

Grazia is the most exciting, talked about weekly magazine for smart, modern women in the UK. It is now available to download on the iPad and Blackberry and is the only weekly glossy that offers a genuinely live and engaging experience.

The Grazia app brings Grazia to life in your world. Shop the items you want immediately, book tickets at your convenience... get instant Grazification!

Read the case study here.

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King's In Touch Magazine

The Human Layer iPads

In Touch is the twice-yearly magazine for alumni of King’s College London and all colleges which have merged with King’s. Each issue of In Touch offers a mix of news, feature articles, updates on alumni activities and class notes.

The In Touch app contains everything found in the print version of the magazine, and also offers interactivity and features such as searching and sharing.

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Hansard (Official Reports)

The Human Layer iPads

Get the latest Official Reports (Hansard) from UK Parliaments and Assemblies; House of Commons, House of Lords and Northern Ireland Assembly.

Explore recent reports of debates, written questions and answers, and other proceedings in the various parliamentary chambers.

When Parliament is sitting, the app is updated daily.

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NEWSWEEK delivers a powerful combination of news, culture and ideas, from a fresh point of view--bold, nimble and insightful. Offering award-winning reporting and commentary from some of the top writers in the world, NEWSWEEK is the perfect tool for the voracious consumer of information.

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Times Literary Supplement (TLS)

A vibrant new way of reading the TLS, the leading paper in the world for literary culture. Its combination of fine writing, literary discoveries, incisive criticism and debate make it mandatory reading for anyone with an interest in the world of ideas.

Added to this are beautiful images, a user-friendly search function and app-only features, with the promise of further enhancements to come. The TLS has been reviewing the books that matter and examining the ideas that resonate since its launch in 1902.

From fiction to philosophy, religion to medicine, social studies to film, TLS readers enjoy the most informed criticism of culture from around the world. Subscriptions include access to back issues

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The Human Layer

The Human Layer iPads

The Human Layer is a bimonthly publication about the digital service experience. Each issue looks at the digital world through the lens of a different topic, providing challenging perspectives, conversations and analysis of all aspects of service experience.

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Times Higher Education Magazine (THE)

The Human Layer iPads

To be successful in higher education it pays to be well informed. Times Higher Education is the global authority on higher education and will keep you fully up to date whether you are an academic, an administrator or a policymaker. Access the latest news and expert analysis, gain insight into what your peers think and find out what your competition is up to.

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The Week

The Week Uk iPads

Created for busy people like you, The Week condenses the news into lively and informative editorial, giving you complete understanding and insight into the week's most vital stories.

This app has been designed to suit the way you'll read the magazine on your iPad or iPhone, it's intuitive and easy to navigate.

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The Spectator

The Spectator iPads

The Spectator on iPad and Kindle is a simple and elegant way to enjoy the oldest magazine in the English language.

"We have the nation's best columnists, all spiced with the nation's funniest cartoons. Our brand new apps fuses these into one, together with our View from 22 podcast where our writers discuss the magazine and current affairs."

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economia iPads

economia is now available on your iPad or iPhone. The app is free to download and offers intelligence and insight for finance and business professionals everywhere.

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Which? iPads

Which? for iPad provides expert, unbiased buying advice in a jargon-free, easy-to-follow format.

The app is updated monthly and brings you all the latest consumer news, investigations and test results. It is available exclusively to subscribers to Which? Magazine.

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Men's Fitness UK

Men's Fitness iPads

Introducing the all-new Men's Fitness UK app edition. Redesigned especially for the iPad, this new version of Men's Fitness UK is packed with fully interactive workouts, nutrition tips, gripping tales of adventure and interviews with the world's biggest sports and movie stars. The brand new iPad edition of Men's Fitness UK will help you reach your fitness goals whatever your level.

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RSA iPads

RSA Insurance Group's IR Briefcase App delivers key investor relations content direct from its corporate website to those stakeholders wishing to access content optimised for either their iPad or iPhone.

The App provides the latest corporate news, reports and presentations whether online or offline, along with latest share price.

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Auto Express

Auto Express Ipads

Introducing the brand new interactive version of Auto Express, designed from the ground up for the iPad.

"Auto Express brings you all the very latest car news and reviews, with in-depth car group tests, ground-breaking features, product reviews and top quality coverage of the motoring issues that matter to you."

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Campaign Magazine

Campaign iPads

Campaign, the industry bible for the advertising and commercial media business, embedded in the UK’s creative communications sector but with a global perspective, is now available on iPad.

Spanning the gamut of advertising, media, direct, digital and marketing communications, Campaign prides itself on breaking news and industry-defining analysis, with an agenda-setting editorial voice supported by opinion and insight from leading creatives and business thinkers.

Read the case study here.

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il manifesto iPad edition

il manifesto iPads

il manifesto edizione iPad is a brand new project from the historical left wing political newspaper in Italy. Every day a selection of the best journalism and reportage is published taking advantage from the device's capabilities in order to engage a broader and informed audience. In the near future other devices will be added, as well as the well known Alias and Le Monde Diplomatique international editions. The iPad edition is just the first step of a new publishing strategy made possible by a web editorial workflow and hybrid apps.

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Notion on iPads

NOTION Magazine is a music and fashion bimonthly, based in London and reporting internationally on the emerging looks, sounds and trends, from the mainstream to the alternative, and the lifestyles that surround them.

NOTION’s interactive iPad publication re-imagines the magazine for a new era: transforming the content of each issue in a manner which makes use of every thrill and spill offered by the platform and providing exclusive imagery, interviews, video and interaction that are unique to the iPad.

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Marketing on iPads

Marketing, the magazine for anyone interested in building brands to grow businesses, is now available on iPad.

Taking the view that marketing is not simply a functional corporate discipline but a strategic approach embedded in the DNA of successful businesses, the magazine aims to inform, inspire and challenge its readers: business leaders, marketers and their advertising, design, media, PR and branding agency partners.

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The Week Magazine US

The Week US iPads

The Week makes sense of the week's news by curating the best of the U.S. and international media into a succinct, lively digest.

Intuitive and easy to navigate, this app has been designed to suit the way you'll read on your iPad.

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Check out our partners who'll help you deliver your pugpig app with style

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